5 states to expand your dental group practice

Looking to grow your group practice? Learn which states have the most and least dentists per capita.

You want to grow your group practice but are not sure where you should go. WalletHub recently released a list that includes states with the most and least dentists per capita.

If you are looking to expand, especially with a de novo practice, it may be easier to find success where there is less competition.

According to WalletHub, the following states have the fewest dentists per capita:

  1. Louisiana
  2. Idaho
  3. Alabama
  4. Tennessee
  5. Mississippi

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the following states have the highest number of dentists per capita:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Montana
  4. California
  5. Washington D.C.
Elicia Gibson is the Practice Success Editor of DSO News. She is also the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of Dental Allies, Inc. Dental Allies helps practices and dental businesses scale. They accomplish this by focusing their clients on culture, growth, automation and operational improvement. They are partnered with the processing affiliate of a bank to provide the lowest payment processing rates in dental. They’ll introduce you. They are big on making meaningful introductions. Dental Allies delivers results that are real, impactful and meaningful. Elicia began her dental career as a Dental Assistant, holding multiple positions, including office manager, before being promoted to a transition manager and finally a district manager responsible for 17 offices. She was the first business development person at DDS Lab and spent close to a decade in lab sales to national accounts.