Webinar Replay: Steve Bilt on Culture

Yesterday, Steve Bilt, co-founder and CEO of Smile Brands, Inc. was kind enough to lend an hour to DSO News for a talk on culture. Both Smile Brands and Steve have won multiple honors, all of which somehow ties back to their culture. When it comes to culture, especially in dentistry, Steve is on the inner ring and knows how to build and further a great one. These recent awards include:

  • 2019 American Business Awards Silver Stevie Winner
  • 2018 Glassdoor Top CEOs – Employees’ Choice
  • 2018 Glassdoor Best Places to Work – Employees’ Choice
  • 2018 American Business Awards Gold Stevie Winner for Great Employers
  • 2018 American Business Awards Gold Stevie Winner
  • 2018 American Business Awards Silver Stevie Winner
  • 2018 Communitas Awards Excellence Winner
  • 2017 NEA Dental Humanitarian Award
  • 2017 7th Annual Best in Biz Awards Winner

Editor’s Note: I was slated to host this webinar. For some unknown technical reason, Steve was able to hear me, however, the audience was not. We edited out the first four minutes, which was the introduction and back and forth, which was not picked up. The video was edited to start when Steve starts talking. In the webinar I am mostly asking the questions on the slide deck and adding anecdotes here and there. Eventually, my audio dropped even for Steve and he immediately took over, going through the deck himself. Technical difficulties aside, this is a webinar worth your time. There are moments of silence you can fast-forward through – or wait out – and Steve’s answers are worth waiting for.

Without further ado, the replay: