COVID-19 Screening / Appt Booking / Telehealth, All-In-One Platform


Greyfinch, a dental software development company, released a web-based platform for assisting providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients are pre-screened, scheduled, and connected to providers all within the same application. “Urgent-Hub” helps determine if the patient’s need qualifies as urgent by using the state and federal directives for various healthcare sectors. It then allows the patient to immediately book an appointment by selecting an in-person or telehealth visit and because the patient never has to leave the application, providers neither have to rely on third-party tools nor integrations for the telehealth visit and screening.

“With much of the ancillary healthcare community being required to limit their practice to only urgent or emergency care, we are hoping to help equip them with the tools they need to continue to serve their patients, both in person or, virtually,” said Jake Gulick, with Greyfinch. “Urgent-Hub is meeting a very sudden and pressing need for patients to be able to connect with providers who can administer the care that they need in a safe environment.”

In an effort to relieve added strain on the local hospital emergency rooms, and with much of the dental community facing unprecedented challenges, Greyfinch set aside development time and partnered with the Oral Healthcare for All Foundation, who worked with a local DSO to serve the State of Arkansas and provide dental care regardless of the patients’ ability to pay. Together they first established urgent dental hubs, but these have already grown to also include optometry and ophthalmology hubs as well. Greyfinch continues to speak with providers in different specialties to expand the use of the tool.

“With such an unprecedented need, we really wanted to see how we could provide a solution. After spending the last two weeks working exclusively within the state of Arkansas, we are excited about expanding across the U.S. Our team has been working around the clock to bring this into reality. We went from idea to fully live in a matter of days and we continue working to build out features for additional health care verticals”, said Gulick.

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