Kleer Adds Dr. Craig Spodak to Advisory Board

DSO News is the first to report that in a few days, Kleer will be formally announcing the addition of dental influencer Dr. Craig Spodak to its Advisory Board.

Kleer operates an innovative Dental Membership Platform for solo-dentists, groups and DSOs. Dr. Spodak, also an innovator, created one of the world’s only Gold LEED Certified dental facilities. He is a frequent lecturer for Invisalign, as well as co-host of the Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast.

The Kleer Advisory Board serves the purpose of collaborating with thought leaders in a variety of industries to bring subscription dentistry into the mainstream and continually improve the Kleer platform for dental practices and patients nationwide.  

“We created the Kleer Advisory Board in an effort to gain insight and feedback from thought leaders from many industries,” said Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer. “Dr. Spodak has been a big supporter of Kleer from early on. He brings a whole new perspective to the dental market and his input to our strategy and product has already been invaluable. He is a true thought leader and has been key to building the awareness of Membership Plans within the dental industry. I am very happy to have him join our advisory board.”  “I’m excited to work with Kleer because I believe there needs to be a better and more economical way for patients to interact with their dental practices,” said Dr. Craig Spodak.  “Membership Plans satisfy a patient’s need for simple, transparent, and affordable dental coverage and a dental practice’s need to improve patient loyalty and treatment acceptance while increasing reimbursement. I’m looking forward to working very closely with Dave and contributing to Kleer’s continued success and growth.”

You can learn more about Kleer and Dr. Craig Spodak on their websites.

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