What is on your office TV screens?

I am shocked when I walk into a practice and see a soap opera or a news network playing on the TV.

You need to think of the TV’s in your offices as billboards with a captive audience. You accomplish this by using digital signage. You may think that digital signage is unaffordable, however, for most offices it is actually a money maker.


It’s like having a treatment coordinator talk to the patient the entire time they’re waiting. They will learn about procedures they may not have considered, or were afraid of. They learn about any specials your office is presently running. They learn about your practice and finance options. Of course, you have to give them the local weather and your social media feed, just because.

You can do all of this and more with digital signage.

Spectrio, a leader in medical signage, is affordable to single offices or DSOs with hundreds of offices. For white glove service, email [email protected] or give Lee Bailey a call at 1-800-584-4653 x6664. Be sure to mention DSO News and Lee will take great care of you.

Whether managing a single screen in a solo-practice, or 1,600 screens with different messaging in 800 offices, Spectrio has you covered. You will be able to deliver targeted and personalized messaging at scale.

It doesn’t stop there. To better your environment even more, they provide optional WiFi marketing for captive audiences, overhead music and messaging, on-hold messaging and marketing, as well as scent marketing. They will help you create a more inviting environment that encourages patients to increase treatment acceptance.

In the meantime, you have time to think about why you need to make a migration to digital signage. The stats back it up:

  • According to surveys, 75% of those viewing a digital sign in a waiting room could recall at least one message1
  • Digital signage can cut perceived wait time by 35%1
  • Using distraction in clinical environments has shown to reduce perceptions of pain, lower anxiety and stress and benefits clinicians1
  • 78% of patients actively seek out digital health solutions when they are available1

If you have not already implemented digital signage, now is the time. Reach out to Lee Baily at (800) 584-4653 x6664 or email him.

  1. 41 Exciting Digital Signage Trends and Statistics

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